ARKAIS LLAC is committed to continuous improvement in the development of processes and the implementation of the quality system.
This commitment is reflected in agile management and a constant increase in the quality of its products, as well as the service to its customers, defined in the Quality Policy of both companies.
The measurement of processes by means of indicators of effectiveness, efficiency and flexibility, allows their continuous improvement, evaluating the need to proceed with changes, establish priorities, allocate resources and detect structural needs. It is for all this that for ARKAIS-LLAC, QUALITY and SERVICE is the most important thing.


We have a complete production process, which ranges from the design to the manufacture and assembly of all the components of the product, equipped with the most modern industrial systems for the treatment of wood and metal in continuous renovation and expansion.

Wood section made up of: sectioned sections, pantographs, edge banding machines, etc.
Painting section: with spray application in pressurized cabin and controlled drying.
Control and pre-assembly section.
Warehouse section.
Loading section or zone.

We have the technical and productive capacity to respond to any customer need, having a large warehouse of raw materials and finished products, perfectly optimized, which enables a quick response. The studied packaging of the manufactured products, whether small, medium or large volume, guarantees perfect storage and delivery anywhere in the world, whatever the quantity, in perfect condition.


ARKAIS LLAC we are highly sensitized to the environment, that is why we carry out exhaustive management in all its production processes, in order to protect the natural habitat.
We have particle aspiration systems with filters to avoid atmospheric contamination, recovering by means of a separatist aspiration system, all those particles that are produced in the different sectioning, sanding, painting …
Increasingly important the use of “Varnishes in water”, minimizes considerably, the emission of VOC’s into the atmosphere.
The different types of waste that are generated in the different production processes are stored in perfectly marked areas and conditioned for later management through authorized managers.

Our services


Engineering department with great professionals to create solutions.


We update and design any corner adapting it to the needs of the client.

Custom projects

We make any client proposal come true. Offering the advice of our professionals.


Corporate Social Responsibility with the Environment. Reducing waste to take care of our planet.

Advanced technology

Works with the latest technology both in our offices and on production machines.

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